About Us

David and Linda Sorensen

David Sorensen graduated from the University of Rhode Island with his Master's Degree in Horticulture, specializing in small fruit. After 30 years as UNH Carroll County Cooperative Service Extension Agent, he is now retired and able to experiment every day with plants, soil, and his backhoe. Nineteen-year-old grandson Kyle is in training, and you may occasionally find youngest granddaughter Sadie selling lemonade to thirsty berry pickers.

BerryKnoll has 7 varieties of blueberries, gooseberries, as well as black, red, champagne (pinky color) and white currants. The black currants had to be replanted in 2015 and are back in production.

More than 200 varieties of daylilies mark the entrance to the berry fields.

In his spare time, David is an Eaton Selectman, a softball umpire, a beekeeper, and a devoted grandfather. In March, he can be found hovering over the syrup evaporator to make maple syrup from the maple trees on the property.

The entirety of BerryKnoll, from dwelling, garages and crops, was built mostly with David's own two hands starting in 2000. Prior to that, David and Linda lived in the Kearsarge section of North Conway with their children Scott and Susan, and had raspberries and blueberries there.

Linda Sorensen, a jeweler affiliated with the League of NH Craftsmen, enjoys experimenting with various combinations of fruits to make jams and conserves, always using some of BerryKnoll honey in the mixture, but not so much that it overpowers the flavor of the fruit. She has tried and true recipes available, and gladly welcomes contributions to the collection, especially recipes for currants and gooseberries. Linda is President of the Mt. View Knitting Guild of Conway, NH, a member of the NH Spinners' and Dyers' Guild, and attends several reading groups. For the past 30 years she has been a booth holder at the annual League of NH Craftsmen Fair, always the first full week of August (right smack in the middle of berry season) at Mt. Sunapee State Park in Newbury, NH. Between preparing for that 9-day show and dealing with the berry crop and daylilies, makes a very hectic few months.

David and Linda enjoy welcoming people to BerryKnoll in the very special little town of Eaton, NH, just a mile from the Maine border. They never take for granted the wonderful, quiet, peaceful place that is BerryKnoll. And they are especially gratified when people report that when grandchildren are visiting in the summer, the kids ask "Can we go to that place to pick berries?" That makes it all worthwhile!