On the left, coming from Maine-----on the right , coming from Rt. 153 and Crystal Lake

We are sad to say that too many of the berries are getting soft, so we have had to close. Thank you all for coming and supporting local agriculture. We look forward to seeing you next year. Wishing you a good winter!

Blueberries, black, red and champagne currants are ready for picking now.

All are $4.50/quart.

The only spraying that is done is in the spring, on the ground for weed control.

There was about 35% winter kill on the blueberries this year, but there are still lots of berries out there

You will see some plants with "mummy berry", where the berries just turn pinky color and fall off.

The rest of the berries on the plant are fine for picking and eating.

Daylilies are blooming. They are in their full spectacular show now at the end of July.

Over 250 varieties of daylilies are available. The plants can be dug and transplanted at any time.

We had a moderate year for maple syrup. It will be available as long as it lasts.

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Thank you for supporting local agriculture.

People with bee sting allergies should note that there are beehives with honeybees on the property

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