On the left, coming from Maine-----on the right , coming from Rt. 153 and Crystal Lake

Now Closed for the 2023 Season

We are sorry to say that the spotted wing drosophilia has taken over the blueberry crop making all the berries very soft. It is a tiny insect that gets into a crop at the end of the season. The infestation happens almost overnight. The only way to control it is to spray with insecticide every day. We refuse to do that. Therefore we are now having to close for this year. The birds will enjoy the berries that are still there.


We hope you have gotten enough in your freezer to hold you over the winter. The recipes from our looseleaf book can be found here.


Thank you for your support of local agriculture. We'll see you next summer! You can always check our opening date by going to our Facebook page BerryKnoll Pick-Your-Own.


 Thank you for supporting local agriculture.

    People with bee sting allergies should note that there are beehives with honeybees on the property 


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