On the left, coming from Maine-----on the right , coming from Rt. 153 and Crystal Lake
Closed for the 2016 Season
 I am very sorry to announce the closing of the blueberry fields.  Unfortunately we just discovered that the spotted wing drosophila insect
has found us. This insect, which has been moving up the eastern seaboard, infests later season berry crops, and we have chosen to not spray for it.
While there are still lots of blueberries out there, the insects lay eggs in the berries causing the berries to become all soft and mushy. 
 It is very disappointing.

Daylilies are still available.  Although the bloom is all gone, we have a photo catalog to choose from.  It is not too late to transplant for a nice
bloom next year.  Call ahead (603-447-4844) to see if David will be available to do the digging.

If you are on our email list, we will let you know when the berries are ready next year, or you can check
out our  Facebook page *BerryKnoll Pick-Your-Own*

 Thank you for supporting local agriculture.


Open 7 days a week.  As long as there's enough daylight to see the berries

you are welcome to come and pick.


We also have :  over 200 varieties of Daylilies

             our own Maple Syrup


  People with bee sting allergies should note that there are beehives with honeybees on the property

  Come visit us at BerryKnoll for quality outdoor time with your family.

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