On the left, coming from Maine-----on the right , coming from Rt. 153 and Crystal Lake
We are closed for the 2017 season 

BerryKnoll is now officially closed for berry picking for the season.  (8/20/17) 
 Locals may stop by to pick whatever firm berries they can find, but the berries are getting soft and  crop is going by. 
 The Sorensens thank everyone who came out to enjoy the tranquility of BerryKnoll and helped support local agriculture.  

      Over 200 varieties of daylilies are available.    The plants can be dug and transplanted at any time.

You can also check out our Facebook page BerryKnoll Pick-Your-Own

 Thank you for supporting local agriculture.



  People with bee sting allergies should note that there are beehives with honeybees on the property 


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